Be afraid, be very afraid.

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Hello Friends,

It’s my turn on the DIY Sewing Pattern Blog Tour, Halloween costumes edition. I’ll be sharing the patterns I used to make this year’s Halloween costumes for my son and I.

Just a little backstory first. I’m not sure if this is everyone’s experience, but my fondest childhood memories are around Halloween. That meant we got to go to the fabric store, look through the Simplicity books and pick out whatever costume my brother and I desired. I always looked forward to it. My mom, the amazing woman she is, would whip up whatever our hearts desired and we always had the coolest costumes. She is magic, I swear! I still have my Belle costume that she made from when I was four, that I’ll probably keep forever. I hope one day Noah will remember all of the fun costumes I make for him. <3

On to the costume details!

First up, Pugsley Addams.

When choosing our costumes for this year, I wanted to make sure they could be used beyond Halloween. Since Noah doesn’t really quite have a major say in what he wants to be yet, this meant I got to choose. This made my job quite easy when choosing because I knew I wanted to be Wednesday Addams. Yes, I’m that obnoxious mom that wants the whole family to dress up together. I may also make us matching Christmas PJs, but that’s for a later post. 😉 Pugsley’s wardrobe consists of a basic black and white stripped t-shirt and black shorts. SO EASY! I already knew which patterns I wanted to use. For his shirt I used the 5K shirt from Elliedactyl Designs (FREE with code when you join their FB group) in this stripe DBP (double brushed poly)  from the Fab Clique, and for his shorts I used the Cookie Pants from Duck Butt Designs in plain black DBP also from the Fab Clique.

He has his Pugsley look down!



Next up, Wednesday Addams.

The entire reason I picked the Addams family for Halloween was because George + Ginger Patterns had a sale a few months ago on their dresses and I stumbled upon the Drama Dress. Once I saw the collared option I couldn’t get Wednesday out of my head, and it was decided. From there, choosing the fabric was easy! I used 2.5 yards of plain black modal and 1/3 yard of white cotton lycra, both from the Fab Clique. This was my first time making the Drama dress. I loved the final results, but next time I’m definitely going to add some interfacing in the collar and I’ll make sure to do an FBA. I can’t get the collar to sit right for the life of me.

Welp, that’s it!! Simple and easy. All we needed was some simple props from Walmart and we are ready to go with costumes for Halloween and clothes that we can wear outside of just costumes. I call that a mom win! Thank you for reading! Make sure you join the Fab Clique Facebook group and join their Halloween costume contest thread. You can use Fab Clique fabric, but you don’t have to. Your costume just has to be handmade!

Are you ready to see all of the new Halloween costumes on the DIY Sewing Pattern Blog Tour? Me too!! Go ahead and follow along with us!

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7 thoughts on “Be afraid, be very afraid.

  1. WOW! Love your dress!! You did an amazing job with the costumes! <3 My maiden name is "Adams" so I got all the Addams Family jokes through the years. Haha This made me remember!

  2. Thank you, Laura!! The Addams family is my favorite! Way more my speed than say the Brady bunch. Lol So, I couldn’t resist!

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