Hello world!

Hello world!

My name is Amanda, and welcome to my happy place. ☺️ I am so excited to have you here and share my creations with you. This will be a space for me to brainstorm, share sneak peaks on projects that I’m working on, review patterns, talk about new patterns I am testing, and maybe a tutorial or two. If you’re lucky, maybe I’ll get brave enough to make some videos for you!

Time for a little bit of my back story! I’m Louisiana girl through and through, but I’m currently in Virginia, so you’ll probably catch a y’all here and there throughout my posts. I’m a wife, mom to Noah, and nanny during the day. Growing up, sewing was always around me. My Abuela owned a factory after she immigrated to America which employed my mom and all of my aunts. Sewing is just in my blood! I remember every year my mom would make my brother and I elaborate costumes. It’s one of my favorites memories from my childhood! She eventually bought me my own machine at a garage sale, a kenmore, when I was about 8 or 9 and she taught me how to sew! I still have the fleece blanket we worked on in my living room. I lost interest in sewing until around the time I found out I was pregnant with my son. Knowing that my Abuela, mom, and aunts were all amazing seamstresses and moms, I felt that to be an amazing mom I had to sew again. So, for my 27th birthday my mom bought me another sewing machine and I got to work. My first project was a set of rectangular burp cloths. They weren’t pretty, but they were going to be covered in spit up, so I kept going! From there I decided I needed to make family Christmas stockings. And pretty much since that day I haven’t stopped. I began sewing baby clothes for my son and was having so much fun. Shortly after my son was born I experienced some postpartum depression and anxiety. It was pretty crippling, but guess what got me through it? Sewing. Yep, it was one of my many forms of therapy. Honestly, I don’t know what’s more therapeutic than turning a couple of yards of fabric into a beautiful dress, or coat, or adorable tiny baby outfit. But it wasn’t just sewing that got me through my PPD & PPA, it was the friends I made in the sewing community. Without the ladies I’ve met and the ladies I’ve introduced to sewing I would be a lost puppy. One of the many reasons I love sewing is for the community of women constantly lifting each other up. Feel free to check out some of my favorite women/IRL friends here: (Courtney (Salty and Southern website & Instagram) Leanne (Thready for it website and Instagram and Kelly (website coming soon ;))).Β  😘

Sewing has immensely enriched my life over the past two years and I hope that as you read this blog you will pick up a thing or two. Until next time!


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  1. I love you, girl! I cannot wait to read and see everything you put up on here!! So happy to have the pleasure of being a part of you and Noahs life 😊

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