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Hello Friends!

I’m so sorry for starting a blog and dropping off the face of the earth. My little guy and I caught a nasty bug this past week. It’s been a week of feeling icky and not much sewing. Anyway, now that we are back to our regular schedule it’s time for some blogging and more importantly sewing.

First up this week, I will walk you through making my matron of honor dress for my BFF Leanne’s wedding. Lele and Geoff got married last October in our hometown of New Orleans and they just got their wedding photos back yesterday! To say they came out amazing is an understatement! Sarah Clarius from Clarius Photography took their photos. She did an excellent job!  Leanne made the most beautiful bride and the two just look so in love.

When Lele got engaged I was just getting into sewing. As wedding planning went on and my journey into sewing got deeper I was really intrigued by the idea of making my own dress for the wedding. So, I finally worked the nerve up to ask Leanne if that would be okay, and she said yes! Not only is she one of my biggest supporters in general but she’s a huge supporter of my sewing and she loved the idea. She gave me two guidelines, it had to be an eggplant color and it had to be floor length. Easy enough! Off I went to brainstorm ideas!

Pattern choice: While I was testing the Take the Plunge swimsuit (Pattern found here!)someone in the group posted this pinspiration for a hack idea to used the bodice of the swimsuit to make a dress! Kelly Bailey blogged about the hack I was inspired by here.

Fabric choice: I decided to go with a luscious ponte from Knitpop and Sincerely Rylee (I ordered the same ponte from both sources.) as my fabric choice because I wanted a more structured dress. Looking back, I wish I would have used something lighter like ITY or even double brushed poly. Although the wedding was in mid October, the ceremony and reception were all held outside on the bayou and it was HOT & MUGGY, not uncommon for New Orleans. While the ponte definitely gave me the structure I wanted, it was suffocatingly hot.

Assembly: Now that I had the pattern choice and fabric months ahead of time all I had to do was get it done…. which I did two days before my flight home for the wedding. I’m honestly surprised Leanne didn’t kill me! She was the most Bridechilla in the block.

From cut to finish the dress took me about three hours, mostly because I sewed to same side bust pieces TWICE. Ugh. I did that during testing too. You would think I would have learned! Since I’ve made the TTP swimsuit about four times before I was confident it would be a quick project. I didn’t do much modification from the normal bodice construction. I didn’t add any power mesh in because the ponte was already so thick my machine barely wanted to sew it as is.  It definitely didn’t need another layer. I added about two inches to the band that connects the bodice to the skirt. For the skirt, I originally wanted to make a full circle but not only was the ponte too heavy for that I didn’t have enough fabric. I went for a half circle skirt instead using this calculator app from handmade by London. It’s takes all the guess work and math out of figuring out how to make your own circle skirt!! It’s magic, basically.

Cost: Not including my time, the dress ended up costing $60 in fabric, needles, elastic and thread. Which was about half price from the dress in my pinspiration! More money to allocated to my fabric fund, right?

And that’s all folks! Pretty simple. I got so many compliments that night on my dress and it was so exciting to tell people, “Thanks! I made it!” Honestly, does that ever get old? 10 out of 10 I would do it again. So, if you’re in the market for a bridesmaid dress or, frankly, if done in white ponte, a wedding dress I’m here to encourage and show you can can be done!!

Also, shout out to my brother who did our hair, and Tamara from Artistry By Camille who absolutely beat our faces!! I’m still obsessed with our looks from that day. If you’re looking to get your make up done in the New Orleans area please contact Tam!! She’s AH-MAZING.  Here is a link to her insta too if you want to follow her!

Now for photo overload, just because we look adorable. 🙂


Forever being goofy together 😉


Loving looking into each other’s eyes. <3
Dancing approved 🙂



Photo credit goes to Sarah Clarius

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